Coming Soon: Cherry Bitters!

Cherry Bitters Front

Cherry Bitters Front Label

Cherry Bitters Back Label

Cherry Bitters Back Label


6 Responses to “Coming Soon: Cherry Bitters!”

  1. Jason Huynh Says:

    Hey Mr. Boudreau – there’s a typo on your label. The first sentence reads “KNOW” instead of “NOW”.

  2. Good eye! I’ve already fixed this, but apparently made jpegs of the label for this site BEFORE I had caught the typo. The dangers of having too many versions of the same file while creating the logo methinks…..
    There’s even another typo on this label as well, if you look hard enough for it…..

  3. Just two words: “pre orders.”

  4. michael gehron Says:

    Are these available for purchase? also, if you are willing, I was just in the finals for the barmade bitters contest at ToTC and was trying to find out info on producing my own line of bitters (since I didn’t even place or show at the event) but I think my bitters may have a market; a small one but a market all the same. any advice would be awesome. Thank You, Michael Gehron

  5. Michael:
    Not available yet: they’re coming soon.
    To produce your own line of bitters, get in touch with a distillery and see if they’ll work with you. That’s how Gary Regan did it.

  6. michael gehron Says:

    Jamie, Thank you. That was almost too obvious and yet… looking forward to you bitters. Best Regards, Michael

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